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Ups and downs for fuel prices in N.B.

By Tara Clow Nov 24, 2023 | 7:06 AM

Filling up at the gas pumps will cost you a bit less this week if you’re using regular fuel.

The Energy and Utilities Board made its weekly price adjustment overnight.

The maximum cost for gas is down 1.1 cents to 163.7.

Diesel users on the other hand are paying a bit more.  It went the other way, by 1.1 cents with the maximum now at 206.4.

Furnace oil is up by 1.0 cents to a maximum of 178.7.

In Nova Scotia, regular self-serve ranges from 161.7 to 166.0 per litre while diesel is selling for between 199.2 and 203.5 per litre.

On Prince Edward Island, the price for regular self-serve is around 162.6 per litre, diesel costs around 207.5 per litre, and home heating oil is selling for around 148.1 per litre.