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Lewisville residents demanding relocation of AIM Scrapyard

By Tara Clow Nov 20, 2023 | 12:48 PM

Residents in the Lewisville area want a nearby scrapyard moved.

A group will present a petition at Moncton City Council’s meeting Monday night.

Their concerns are over the AIM/Tri-Province scrapyard, and they want it relocated to a Heavy Industrial Zoned area.

A social media post from Councillor Shawn Crossman encourages a large group of residents to attend in an effort to show their concern for safety and the environment.

The petition expresses concerns over the noise and smells coming from the Toombs Street location.

“For many families in the Lewisville area of Moncton, New Brunswick, the presence of American Iron and Metal Works has become an unbearable nuisance. These families have lived in the neighbourhood for several years and have been forced to endure a significant increase in dangerous and noxious fumes from propane tanks. The piles of metal in the scrap yard have tripled in size to the point that they fill our sight lines and have taken over our once serene backyard views. The constant banging and crashing known to scrapyards begins often before 7 am and continues even as late as 10 pm daily – including on weekends.  The fear of a fire reminiscent of what the province witnessed in Saint John in September 2023 is real and would have an environmental impact that extends far beyond the immediate area of the AIM scrapyard,” the petition states.

The group is asking Moncton City Council to be vocal in their support and for immediate action from the New Brunswick government and The Ministry of Environment and Local Government (ELG).  They’re demanding a mandate for the relocation of this scrapyard away from residential areas where they claim it poses such harm and disruption of quality of life for a whole neighbourhood.