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Calendar parking delayed until major snowfall

By CJ Goater Nov 17, 2023 | 10:25 AM

Calendar Parking Sign - CJ Goater

Calendar parking typically goes into effect on November 15 according to signage around the city, but the city hasn’t put it into effect yet.

“The dates that are on the calendar parking signs coincide with what’s in the by-law, however, there is a provision that if we don’t have any snow, of course, we don’t want to put it into effect because there is no need for it, so it doesn’t go into effect until the first significant snowfall of the season when the plows actually need to head out into the residential neighbourhoods,” explained Jonathan Paske Supervisor with the Thunder Bay Parking Authority.

Once it goes into effect calendar parking will be enforced until its posted ending date of March 31, unless the city ends it early which would be irregular, but possible.

The main purpose of calendar parking is to help snowplows effectively clear residential areas but Paske explains there is another purpose “The other advantage to calendar parking is because of the snow banks created roads are narrower for traffic flow having cars on one side during the busier portions of the day or when school buses are trying to get down a street because they are so narrow, calendar parking also helps with that, not just for the plowing operations.

The city will be releasing an update before the first major snowfall to ensure residents are prepared for when calendar parking goes into effect.