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Council agrees to hold town hall meetings

By Tim Davidson Nov 17, 2023 | 12:43 PM

Kenora city council has agreed to hold at least town hall meetings next year.

Councillor Kelsie Van Belleghem put forward a notice of motion at this week’s open council meeting.

She would like to see the meetings take place in the winter or spring for people who live here year-round and during the summer for seasonal residents.

Councillor Graham Chaze agrees the town hall’s would be useful, but would like the topics to be determined before hand, so they don’t devolve into a rant session.

An ad hoc committee of three councillors, Van Belleghem, Barb Manson and Lindsay Koch, is being set up to decide, where and when the town hall’s should take place.

Bob Bernie and Lisa Moncrief voted against holding the town halls.

Bernie says the town halls might conflict with public sessions that will be held by the Community Safety and Well-being Committee.