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Bigfoot spotted in Minnesota

By Randy Thoms Nov 15, 2023 | 4:41 PM

A startling discovery for a pair of Minnesota hunters.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Association reports a man and his mother were hunting near Bena, about 55 kilometres east of Bemidji, in October when they came across what they believed to be a bigfoot.

They told the association the figure looked like a hulking Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson figure, with solid, dark hair in a uniform pattern over its body.

They estimate the beast to be at least 8 to 10 feet tall.

They told an investigator with the association that when it walked upright, it appeared more ape-like than human.

It disappeared into the woods before they were able to take any photographs.

When they went to inspect the area further, the hunters noticed a pungent smell described as rotting compost and small mounds of dirt pushed up on the ground.

They later reported their sighting to a game warden, who suggested there had been other similar sightings in the same area.

The area is near Remer, which prides itself as Home to Bigfoot because of numerous sightings.

That attracted the attention of the TV series “Finding Bigfoot” to produce one of its segments there.