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World Health Organization Director General Doctor Tedros Adhannom Ghebreyesus provides an update on the health situation in Gaza on November 15th 2023 (WHO Youtube Screenshot)

Israeli hospital raid on ‘Utterly unacceptable’ ; WHO Director General

By Adam Riley Nov 15, 2023 | 2:01 PM

The health situation in Gaza continues to decline and a military operation targeting one of the largest and few remaining hospitals in the area has drawn condemnation.

A raid conducted by Israeli forces at Al-Shifa hospital is being called “utterly unacceptable” by the World Health Organization.

Director General Dr. Tedros Adhannom Ghebreyesus made the statement at a press conference earlier this morning.

“Hospitals are not battlegrounds. We’re extremely worried for the safety of staff and patients, protecting them is paramount.”

Additionally the WHO has lost contact with health workers at that facility.

Prior to the outbreak of the conflict there were 3,500 hospital beds in the region, but now after more than a month of fighting, only a quarter of the 36 hospitals in Gaza are still functional due to running out of fuel and supplies or being damaged due to the conflict, dropping that number to 1,400.

Dr. Ghebreyesus says this has made the situation grim.

“Doctors and nurses are having to make impossible decisions on who lives and who dies.”

To make matters worse torrential rains overnight flooded out makeshift camps, which has further deteriorated the humanitarian crisis.

The WHO is also calling for the release of hostages taken on October 7th which the agency is becoming increasingly more concerned for their health and well being.