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Province reminds Nova Scotians to prepare for winter driving conditions

By Evan Taylor Nov 14, 2023 | 3:45 PM

Minister of Public Works Kim Masland visited the snow plough depot in Hebbville to promote safe driving this winter. Photo: Evan Taylor.

As winter approaches, Nova Scotians are being urged to ready themselves for the inevitable challenges of winter driving. Kim Masland, Minister of Public Works, emphasized the collective responsibility of ensuring vehicle readiness to maintain the safety of provincial roads.

“Winter is coming, and it is important to prepare your vehicle to keep yourself and everyone around you safe,” said Masland. “We are getting ready to do our part in keeping provincial roads safe. We ask all Nova Scotians to do theirs, too.”

To navigate the unpredictable winter weather, the ministry advises residents to equip their vehicles with essential winter gear. This includes winter tires, cold-temperature antifreeze, and an emergency kit. Beyond these preparations, the ministry emphasizes year-round compliance with seatbelt regulations and the importance of reducing speed and increasing following distance between vehicles in winter conditions.

“It takes more time and distance to brake in winter conditions, so slowing down and leaving additional space between vehicles is crucial,” noted Masland.

Other winter driving recommendations include maintaining a safe distance from snowplows to allow operators the space to effectively clear the roads, ensuring the gas tank is at least half full, and planning ahead by allowing extra time for possible delays.

In a concerted effort to remind drivers of the impending winter road conditions, the Province has launched its annual “Be Winter Ready” campaign. This multi-platform initiative includes television, radio, and online advertisements promoting safe driving practices. The campaign also shares details about the tools and services available to enhance winter driving safety.

Against the backdrop of these preparations, the Department of Public Works takes on the responsibility of keeping provincial roads, highways, and bridges as safe and clear as possible during winter. Operating a fleet of more than 400 snowplows and other snow-clearing vehicles, the department’s crews work diligently day and night, 24/7.

Guy Deveau, the Department’s Executive Director of Maintenance and Operations also confirmed that the province has fully restocked it’s salt supply and he does not anticipate running into shortages like he did last year.

As Nova Scotians gear up for winter, the emphasis is on collective preparedness and responsible driving practices to ensure a safe and smooth transition into the colder months.