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Jane Goodall: Reasons for Hope, officially released

By Tim Davidson Nov 14, 2023 | 2:10 PM

The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund has chipped in $1.5 million to help make the film Jane Goodall: Reasons for Hope.

The film was produced by Science North, and was officially released in Kenora last week.

Chair of the NOHFC, Greg Rickford says says the film talks about preserving nature in other parts of the world, but here at home in northwestern Ontario.

“The film shows the great work Jane Goodall has done, but also shows her particular focus in northern Ontario, showcasing the commitment we have keeping the vast region protected and conserved and there for people to enjoy,” says Rickford after the launch of the new film at the Discovery Center in Kenora.

Goodall is best known for working with chimpanzees in central Africa.

Rickford says the NOHFC was happy to help fund the film.

“The most important thing, is that whenever Science North, because that’s who backed the production, does any work, I make sure everybody across northern Ontario gets the opportunity to access it.”

This is Science North’s 7th giant screen film, but it has been modified for smaller venues.

To complement the film, Science North has designed interactive activities that will focus on biodiversity and the environment.