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NSTU survey sheds light on teacher shortage

By Kevin Northup Nov 10, 2023 | 11:50 AM

A teacher shortage is putting pressure on the school system in our province.

A new survey from Nova Scotia Teachers Union members says 70 percent have lost marking or prep time to cover for another colleague.

Union president Ryan Lutes says students are feeling it too.

“A lot of students are not getting the supports that they need. And these aren’t extra supports, these are supports that these kids need to be successful, and it’s having a major impact on them everyday,” said Lutes.

He’s calling on the government to develop a teacher recruitment and retention strategy.

Lutes says our substitute teachers also deserve a raise, as they are lowest paid in Canada.

The survey also found that teachers feel guilty if they’re sick.

“I’ve gotten calls from teachers who tell me that they’re sick, but they say they can’t miss school, because their kids and colleagues would miss out.”

The survey says 81 percent felt pressured to go to work while sick, or cancel a medical appointment.