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Shelburne Scotiabank closing as part of cuts

By Evan Taylor Nov 9, 2023 | 1:58 PM

PiggyBank / Unsplash

It appears the Shelburne Scotiabank branch will be part of cuts across Atlantic Canada as it is one of a handful in the region set to close.

A representative with Scotiabank has confirmed with our newsroom that  branches in Nova Scotia closing include Shelburne, Annapolis Royal and Bridgetown which will all close by next spring.

Shelburne Mayor Harold Locke says although it may seem like just a small loss it will have an impact on the community. “For younger people who are comfortable with online banking, it will be easier but we have lots of seniors who aren’t as comfortable with those things and for them I worry,” said Locke.

Although there is another bank in town with CIBC having a local branch, Locke says many residents he’s spoken with who use Scotiabank are considering moving their accounts to banks in Yarmouth that are less likely to be closed.

“It also is going to impact people’s jobs, I don’t know the exact numbers but I’d imagine a dozen people at least work there now with what would have been good stable jobs until now.”

Locke says officials from Scotiabank have indicated they would be interested in hosting a meeting locally so clients can hear about what’s going on and plan their next steps. Locke says the town would be more than happy to host a meeting like that provided officials from Scotiabank would lead it and engage with the local clients.