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Migisi Sahgaigan Chief Bernadette Wabange (Supplied Photo)

Migisi Sahgaigan elects new Chief

By Adam Riley Nov 9, 2023 | 10:19 AM

Members of Migisi Sahgaigan have selected Bernadette Wabange to lead the community.

She takes over following the tragic loss of former Chief Arnold Garner, who passed away in May.

Wabange says she is humbled by the support and knows she has big shoes to fill.

“He was the one I kind of, I kept hearing him as I was going through the next couple of days. He was definitely a good mentor, a good model.”

The election was held on November 4th, with Wabange catching 35 percent of the submitted votes.

Official results:
Bernadette Wabange 62
Tim Kavanaugh 59
William Gardner 13
Lloyd Napish 12
Sheldon Adams 11
Louie Napish 11
Patrick Kavanaugh 5

Prior to her election she served the community in a number of roles including Health Director and most recently as Finance Manager.

She notes having served in those capacities for many years, the shift to political life will be a bit of a game changer.

“I’m a ‘doer’,” she laughs. “If things don’t get done I’ll just jump in there and start doing it so it will take me some getting used to saying ‘lets come up with a decision’.”

Wabange becomes the 17th Chief in the community’s history and the 3rd woman ever elected to lead the community.

She now looks towards to enhancing her community through collaboration with others, but wants to look at what has already been established by council and push those goals forward.

“But also to look at where do we need to go in the sense of building relationships externally with our other community partners, our region, our territories, nationally and even globally.”

Wabonge joins Tricia Kavanaugh, Lloyd Napish and Sheldon Adams, the three councillor positions, which make up the leadership of the community.