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Continuous glucose monitoring coverage available to diabetics

By Regis Phillips Nov 9, 2023 | 6:24 AM

New Brunswick has enhanced its insulin pump program to offer continuous glucose monitoring coverage to eligible diabetes patients.

Health Minister Bruce Fitch said Wednesday that more than 5,000 people are expected to benefit from the change.

Fitch said this will allow diabetes patients to better monitor and manage their glucose levels daily.

“Better management of a person’s diabetes helps to prevent serious complications, reduce hospitalizations and promote better overall health,” said Fitch.

The announcement is part of a $2.1-million investment to upgrade the province’s diabetes management resources.

Earlier this year, the insulin pump program was expanded to include people aged 26 and older. The government also updated the client and family contribution calculations to include more income categories.

Coverage for continuous glucose monitoring is available to people who require intensive insulin therapy delivered by a pump or at least three daily injections. That coverage will extend to people of all ages who meet the medical eligibility criteria, and who meet the income-testing process.

The program will pay the cost of benefits not already covered by other applicable public and private third-party programs.

“With the previously announced expansion of the insulin pump program and new funding for continuous glucose monitoring, more New Brunswickers will be able to monitor and manage their diabetes,” said Glenn Thibeault, executive director of government affairs, advocacy and policy for Diabetes Canada.

“That should improve the health and well-being of diabetes patients in New Brunswick and allow the government to save costs from unnecessary hospitalizations and other interventions.”

More information on how to apply is available online.