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Top 15 ‘rattiest’ cities in Eastern Canada unveiled

By Regis Phillips Nov 3, 2023 | 6:29 AM

jans canon / CC

The city of Moncton has been ranked the number one most rodent-populated city in Eastern Canada.

This report comes from pest control company Orkin Canada. It ranked the number of rodent treatments done for residential and commercial buildings between Aug. 1, 2022, and July 31, 2023.

“The damage done by one rat can do enough damage equal to a group,” said Orkin spokesperson Scott Patrick.

“They can damage food, they can damage structures, they can chew through wires and can cost up to $10,000 in payment.”

Patrick also believes keeping your house clean of odour and moisture can eliminate rodents.

“One of the things you can do is containerize your food, don’t leave open food out on the counter and also containerize your garbage,” he said.

The full list of the most rodent-populated cities in Eastern Canada can be found below:

  1. Moncton
  2. St. John’s
  3. Montreal
  4. Saint John
  5. Dieppe
  6. Halifax
  7. Charlottetown
  8. Dartmouth
  9. Mount Pearl
  10. Summerside
  11. Fredericton
  12. Sydney
  13. Yarmouth
  14. Laval
  15. Gander

More details on how you can help protect your home and business can be found by clicking here.

Top 15 most rattiest cities. (Image from Orkin Canada)