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Ignace uses funds for new truck

By Adam Riley Nov 3, 2023 | 9:06 AM

Ignace Township Office (Adam Riley / Acadia Broadcasting)

Funds provided to Ignace by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization have helped the community update part of its vehicle fleet.

The money comes from the Community Well Being Funds given to the township earlier this year.

Valued at $54,000 the new pickup truck will replace another vehicle the community had received through a donation by Trans Canada Pipelines which has reached its end of life.

The new asset to the fleet will be used to support operations at the arena, parks, community events and with the public works department.

In a statement the township’s interim Mayor Kim Baigrie thanks the NWMO for its ongoing financial and general support for the community.

“Regardless of where we stand at the end of this Willingness Process and with NWMO, I can assure all of the residents of the Township of Ignace that this process has been and hopefully will continue to be one of the most important economic development drivers we have had in this community.”

Baigrie adds the township will continue to work with the NWMO well into next year.