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Thunder Bay’s strong mayor powers official

By CJ Goater Nov 1, 2023 | 4:33 PM

(Adam Riley / Acadia Broadcasting)

Thunder Bay has received strong mayor powers effective immediately now that the Province of Ontario has updated Regulation 530/22 to include Thunder Bay as a city with strong mayor powers.

Under the new strong mayor power legislation, Mayor Boshcoff was given the following authority:

  • To appoint and dismiss the chief administrative officer (city manager) as well as the heads of organizational units.
  • To determine the administrative structure of the city
  • To establish committees of council and appoint chairs and vice-chairs of committees of council.
  • To bring to council matters, or veto by-laws, to advance a prescribed provincial priority
  • To prepare and present the budget to council, subject to council amendments, a mayoral veto, and a council override process.
  • To direct, in writing, city staff to undertake work relating to strong mayor powers.

Mayor Boshcoff has issued three mayoral decisions to delegate the following powers:

  1. To appoint and dismiss the chief administrative officer (city manager) is delegated to city council.
  2. To determine the organizational structure of the city is delegated to the chief administrative officer (City Manager).
  3. To appoint and dismiss a head of any division or the head of any other part of the organizational structure is delegated to the chief administrative officer (city manager).

“To make sure we have business continuity and stability within the corporation, I have chosen to delegate powers to City Council and the city manager,” said Mayor Boshcoff. “This will provide a seamless transition as these powers come to play and seeks to show my intention of working collaboratively with my colleagues on city council.”

Mayor Boshcoff has given one strong mayoral directive to city administration on the presentation of the 2024 municipal budget.

The mayor is directing the City Manager and City Treasurer to continue their work to bring council a budget in line with their direction. City Council will have the opportunity to bring forward motions to modify the budget during their review.

“Given the concerns I have heard from businesses and people on fixed incomes, I remain committed to achieving some reduction from the target,” added Boshcoff. “I will pursue that by bringing resolutions to seek the support of council. These decisions are not to be taken lightly, and it’s crucial that council works collectively to make a meaningful impact through budget deliberations.”

The proposed 2024 municipal budget is scheduled for public release on January 19, 2024.

Strong mayor powers have been destined to come to the city since September 21, when Mayor Boshcoff sent a letter to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to officially commit to meeting the provincially assigned housing target for Thunder Bay of 2,200 homes by 2031, and in turn strong mayor powers.