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The Liverpool Seawall in a file photo from the Ecology Action Centre

Ecology Action Centre wants province to implement Coastal Protection Act

By Kevin Northup Nov 1, 2023 | 2:10 PM

An environmental group wants the province to get moving on the Coastal Protection Act.

The Ecology Action Centre calling for the the Houston government to move forward, as climate change continues to affect shoreline properties.

Coastal Adaptation Coordinator Will Balser says they’ve been working on this since the Liberals passed the law in 2019.

“3 days after Hurricane Fiona last September, the province promised they’d release the regulations by early 2023. All of that is out the window now,” said Balser.

He says it seems the province has shifted gears, and aren’t interested in implementing the act.

The PC’s say they’re gathering more public consultations from coastline property owners, as they weren’t consulted in the initial rounds.

Environment Minister Timothy Halman has not committed to releasing the regulations before the next election.

Balser calls it a delay tactic.

“It’s a broad, ineffective and kind of offensive survey, or ‘consultation’ they’re having. They are vague questions and not detailed.”

He says the property owners know about the Act, and the province should be prepared to take the next step.

The deadline for submissions for the survey is November 7th.