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October warmer and wetter than usual

By Tim Davidson Nov 1, 2023 | 5:48 PM

Except for this past week, temperatures in the month of October were well above normal.

Geoff Coulson from Environment Canada says the daily mean temperature for the month was 5.9, just above the average of 4.4 degrees.

“We’ve seen that trend through portions of northwestern Ontario with milder than normal conditions for much of the month,” explains Coulson.

“In fact, in many October’s we probably would have seen notable snowfall before this point in the month, but we are seeing that trend getting colder than normal.”

Coulson adds the cooler temperatures will stay with us for at least the next week.

“It looks like November is going to start out colder than normal, though there are some hints that as we get further into the November, we may see those temperatures bounce back a bit again.  So there still looks to be a bit of see-sawing of the temperatures.”

In terms of precipitation, it was a lot wetter than normal with 75.1 millimeters falling in the form of rain or snow…the average is 49.1