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New Lakeside rental development in Queens proposed clears first hurdle

By Evan Taylor Oct 31, 2023 | 1:14 PM

The Region of Queens has approved a development agreement for an 8 unit residential development near Cameron’s Brook Provincial Park. Photo: Submitted Photo.

A promising new eight-unit rental development, slated for South Brookfield, has passed the first step in becoming a reality.

Dedicated developers Jasmine and Matthew Mallay have set their sights on creating an idyllic haven, featuring eight fixed-roof accommodations and an accompanying structure, adjacent to First Christopher Lake, encompassing a picturesque 19-acre parcel of land situated along Highway 8. Notably, this prime location is less than a kilometer from the beloved Cameron’s Brook Provincial Park.

As it stands, the planned Lakeshore Residential development falls outside the bounds of current zoning regulations. To proceed, the Mallays have officially submitted a request for a development agreement with the municipal council.

The proposal by the Mallays outlines a carefully phased construction plan should their request receive approval.

Phase one is envisioned to consist of the construction of four quaint 400-square-foot buildings, each equipped with hot tubs and covered porches, offering visitors a cozy retreat by the lakeside.

The subsequent phase will introduce a more substantial addition to the landscape—a spacious 1800 to 2500-square-foot three-bedroom lakefront cottage, coupled with a 1080-square-foot garage, providing ample accommodation for guests.

Finally, phase three is set to round off the development with the inclusion of three more two-bedroom cottages, each spanning approximately 900 to 1200 square feet in size. This diverse range of offerings aims to cater to various preferences, promising a comprehensive lakeside escape.

The Region of Queens Council voted in favor of granting a development agreement for the project, however they must first host a public hearing any residents with concerns can raise them. The public hearing has been scheduled for November 28.