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Killing second cow moose nets Ayton man $8K in fines

By Adam Riley Oct 24, 2023 | 10:00 AM

A Southern Ontario man has pleaded guilty to a pair of offences while on a hunting trip in the region last year.

On October 17th 2022 a conservation officer inspected a group who had been hunting and were in possession of a cow moose and several unfilled tags during day three of moose season.

Shortly thereafter the officer received information of a cow moose which had been shot and abandoned near Eayrs Lake, northwest of Thunder Bay.

Speaking with other hunters in the area the officer was able to determine Marc Wiercigroch was hunting in the immediate area of the abandoned kill.

This prompted the execution of a search warrant at a home in Ayton, Ontario, where it was confirmed Wiercigroch had been hunting for moose near Eayrs Lake and mistakenly shot two cow moose, when his group had a tag which allowed to to harvest just one.

Instead of reporting the error to COs, Wiercigroch and his hunting party fled the area, allowing the second cow to spoil.

The case was heard in Thunder Bay on September 6th and Wiercigroch plead guilty to hunting a cow moose without a licence and abandoning the moose, allowing the meat to spoil.

He has been fined $8,000, had his hunting licence suspended for one year and is required to re-attend the Ontario Hunter Education Program.