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Coyote traps set up on Bay to Bay Trail

By Evan Taylor Oct 23, 2023 | 3:24 PM

Signs have been posted at trail entrances to alert user to the presence of coyote traps. Photo: Submitted Photo.

The Department of Natural Resources and Renewable has installed coyote traps along the Bay to Bay Trail which runs between Mahone Bay and Lunenuburg.

The decision to install traps was made after DNR received multiple reports of close contacts with coyotes on the trail and in surrounding areas.

Signs have been posted at entrances to the trail alerting users to the traps’ presence, along with a note reminding dog owners to keep their pets leashed. Dogs are always supposed to be leashed while on the trail, however, that rule is often ignored so DNR is reminding people of the importance of observing it at all times, especially while the traps are active.

Coyote traps have been installed near the Bay to Bay trail in Lunenburg County by DNR. Photo: Evan Taylor

No indication has been provided on how long the traps will remain in place, but trapping becomes prohibited after March 31, around the time when coyote mating season begins.