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The Eleanor Pew Memorial Arena in Chester. Photo: Chester Tourism.

Chester looking into options for community rink

By Evan Taylor Oct 20, 2023 | 2:27 PM

The Municipality of Chester has approved $100,000 to conduct a feasibility study for the Chester Rink and Community Complex.

Opened in 1970, the rink while still in use is beginning to show it’s age, so the feasibility study will look at whether significant renovations or a new facility are the best course of action.

The feasibility study will also look at the changing needs of the Chester community. For example, Chester has seen Pickleball rise in popularity in recent years and the study will look at the prospect of adding courts to the existing facility or potentially including them in a new build.

The study marks one of the earliest steps in the process, and Board members of the rink have indicated if a new build is the course of action recommended it will likely be 5-10 years before it is complete.