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Quebec tuition hike ‘Doesn’t make any sense’

By Adam Riley Oct 19, 2023 | 5:00 PM

Quebec Higher Education Minister Pascale Déry - CPAC Image Capture

Starting the fall of 2024 students attending post secondary education in Quebec who are not from the province will see their tuition double.

The province claims the move is not about money but about protecting the French language.

However Immigration Minister Marc Miller, who represents a riding in Montreal which is home to renowned post secondary institutions McGill and Concordia University, says the plan fails all logic.

“It doesn’t make any sense at all, if you’re trying to preserve the French language this will not achieve the goal. So with any policy that doesn’t make any sense, I think it’s worth highlighting  it makes zero sense.”

Meanwhile Indigenous Services Minister Patty Hajdu notes there is a limit to how much tuition can increase while still being able to attract students.

“We want to have that kind of country where the best and the brightest, indeed everyone, has access to post secondary education and that poverty or low income or place of birth is not a barrier to coming to any province and studying in any province.”

Hajdu notes some of the affected universities have come out stating they will have to look at their own financial viability should the policy be implemented.