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Slow start to winter expected thanks to El Nino: Weather Network

By Caitlin Snow Oct 19, 2023 | 12:04 PM

We are only a few weeks into fall, but models are showing above seasonal temperatures for the start of winter from Alberta all the way through to the Maritimes, according to the Weather Network.

The national forecaster says a lot of it has to do with El Nino currently bringing mild air across most of the country.

Typically, they say, strong El Nino events, like this one, usually result in mild winter weather across the country, rather than cold, harsh Arctic air, which they say results in a lack of consistent, severe, cold weather.

They say however, this year may not play out the same way, due to unusually warm temperatures across the Pacific, so the impact on winter may resemble a weak to moderate system El Nino event.

The Weather Network says they are expecting Canada to see a slow start to winter, even though there may be some early winter weather, but it won’t be consistent, until a little later in the season, where we could end the season with strong weather.

The forecaster says only time will tell on how this winter will actually play out, and how El Nino will affect us.