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Integrity Commissioner asked to investigate Vegas trip

By Randy Thoms Oct 19, 2023 | 12:45 AM

Ontario NDP leader is asking the Integrity Commissioner to dig deeper into a Vegas trip taken by the former Conservative cabinet minister.

Kaleed Rasheed was interviewed as part of the Greenbelt report.

The trip also involved key government staff and a land developer the NDP say was poised to benefit from the removal of Greenbelt lands.

Marit Stiles is questioning the information provided to the commissioner that was later changed after the media released details of the trip.

She wants to know if Rasheed violated the Integrity Act.

“This government wants us all to believe that it was a total coincidence that one of their MPPs and two of the Premier’s closest advisors all provided the wrong dates to the Integrity Commissioner and only corrected the record once media reported evidence to the contrary,” says Stiles.

Rasheed stepped down from cabinet amidst the controversy in September, saying he wanted to clear his name with the commissioner.

“I’m not trying to force anybody’s resignation,” says Stiles, “but the people of the province of Ontario deserve answers. And I would hope maybe Mr. Rashid will also just come clean, explain what happened, and shine a little light. I think that’s the best we can expect of him.”

“The Integrity Commissioner will use every opportunity he has. I know he’s shown that he’s willing to take on some of these investigations, but he is somewhat limited by his scope, and so we’re giving him quite a lot to work with here, I think.”