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Outbreak expands at Rainycrest

By Randy Thoms Oct 17, 2023 | 2:49 PM

File photo Image: Randy Thoms

Rainycrest Long Term Care is now dealing with cases of COVID in two areas of the Fort Frances home.

An outbreak has been declared in the West Wing.

The home is still coping with an outbreak in the Special Care Unit.

That prompted the home to reinstate mask-wearing for all staff and visitors when inside.

The home has also extended restrictions in the Special Care Unit on visitors, admissions, transfers and large group activities to the West Wing, as well.

The home also reminds the public of the measures to prevent getting and spreading infections;

    • Washing hands often, for at least 15 seconds with soap and warm water or by using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer,
    • Maintaining good cough and sneeze etiquette (into a tissue, your sleeve or elbow),
    • Putting all used tissues in the garbage right away,
    • Avoiding touching your eyes, nose, or mouth, and
    • Staying at home if sick to avoid spreading infections to others.