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Waste Reduction Week underway

By CJ Goater Oct 16, 2023 | 4:27 PM

Waste Reduction Week presentation at Claude E. Garton Public School - CJ Goater

EcoSuperior and the city of Thunder Bay launched their annual Waste Reduction Week campaign.

The Launch was held at Claude E. Garton Public School with an interactive assembly for the students.

Although Waste Reduction Week is for all citizens, there is a focus on youth education.

Waste Reduction Week has been celebrated across Canada for over 20 years, with the goal of the week being to encourage citizens to reduce waste, and to assist them in learning how to do so.

“The day-to-day decisions we each make to reduce our waste contribute to a brighter future for us and the planet,” said Denise Smith, ReThinking Waste Coordinator, EcoSupieror. “Waste Reduction Week encourages us to say no to single-use plastics, use reusable over disposable items, recycle compost waste over sending it to the landfill, and repair things rather than throwing them away. Each of the small actions we take moves us towards a greener future.”

During the launch event, Lee Amelia the Coordinator of Waste Diversion for the City of Thunder Bay highlighted that curbside composting is coming to the city.

“We do have organics at curbside on the horizon, so people can start to generate some excitement around that. We are looking at 2025 as a target for our municipality, so that’ll be exciting. There are going to be a lot more options for households that want to participate in composting, and also will be able to compost a lot more.”

There are various opportunities for residents to get involved in Waste Reduction Week, and more information can be found here.