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Houston government introduces bill to give NS more say over HRM housing development

By Kelli Rickard Oct 13, 2023 | 10:02 AM

The Province is taking steps to get more housing built faster in Halifax Regional Municipality.

Amendments to the HRM’s Charter and Housing Act introduced Thursday provide legislative authority to speed up development approvals, increase density and reduce barriers to housing builds in the municipality.

In a release, Minister John Lohr says this legislation gives the minister the authority to intervene on behalf of Nova Scotians when outdated policies and practices are slowing down construction and keeping them from accessing a safe and affordable home, faster.”

However, Halifax Mayor Mike Savage told reporters it’s a ‘direct intrusion’ that’s not going to solve the housing crisis.

Savage said the bill “ignores” the real issues slowing down projects nationwide, which he says are high interest rates, lack of labour and supply chain issues.