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Disc Golf course in Riverview sees continued growth

By Tara Clow Oct 11, 2023 | 1:35 PM

Year two and the CDT Disc Golf Course in Riverview is still going strong.

Board member Blake Reynolds says in 2022, according to the U Disc App, over 7300 rounds of disc golf were recorded on the course located on Whitepine Road.

“When looking to this current year, every single month, we’ve improved the number of rounds that have played and that’s only capturing about 50 percent of the rounds. So it’s important to note that even though I could tell you that we’ve already passed 7500 rounds, just since the last two weeks of October, it’s more than that. I’ve had people from all over Atlantic Canada tell us how much they appreciate this fun little course, people that might not have otherwise ventured over to Riverview,” Reynolds says.

For those who aren’t familiar with Disc Golf, it’s a sport that is similar to golf, but instead of using a stick and a ball, it involves throwing a plastic disc into a basket.

Much work has been done to make improvements to the course since it was established two years ago, and moving ahead, Trevor MacDougall adds they’re prioritizing accessibility and player safety.  Just this year, a Riverview High School shop class led by Brock Leaman, with the assistance of Andrew Colpitts and the Grade 12 Essential Skills Achievement Pathway,  bridges were built,  carried and installed onto the course terrain.

“We know that it’s a sport that can be played by all ages, but it can be a difficult course to walk. There are rocks and roots and the lack of trails and boardwalks can be a challenge. With your support this year we tackled a lot of our drainage issues, and we think it’s important to keep making this property not just the disc golf part, as beautiful as possible and something that everyone can enjoy.”

The group foresees around 16, 000 rounds of disc golf this year alone, and the course holds the distinction of being the most played course east of Toronto, “People come from Moncton, Saint John, Fredericton, Miramichi and other parts of New Brunswick as well as Nova Scotia, PEI and as far as well as for a way as North Carolina,” MacDougall adds.

The group has applied for a $2500 grant from the Town of Riverview for 2024 and is also looking for $7500 worth of in-kind work from the Public Works Department as they look for continued support for the course and the continued improvements.

There are currently 25, 000 Disc Golf Courses around the world, in 80 countries, and most courses are free to play.

Reynolds says they would like to get to that point in Riverview, with a course that is easily accessible to everyone year-round.

Their mission is to become the best family-friendly par-3 Disc Golf Court in Atlantic Canada.