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Council to consider pay hike

By Randy Thoms Oct 10, 2023 | 4:39 AM

Fort Frances town council gathering for their inaugural meeting Nov. 21, 2022. Image: Randy Thoms

Fort Frances Mayor Andrew Hallikas could be in line for a hike.

So are the other members of council if a proposal from administration is approved Monday night.

A report suggests the salaries of the mayor and council be increased annually starting in 2024.

The increase would be similar to the one provided to management and non-union staff.

Mayor Hallikas currently makes about $28 thousand. The proposed increase would push it over $29 thousand.

The bump in pay for councillors would provide them with over $15 thousand each year.

The timing of the pay hike is a little unusual.

Previously, council approved pay increases that would not take effect until after a municipal election.

And with recent changes to meetings, council is not attending as many as they did in the past.

Administration also suggests the salary provided to a member of council who serves as the deputy mayor be pushed to almost $21 thousand.

This aligns with other municipalities that have their deputy mayor earning about 70 per cent of the mayor’s.

A change to per diems is also proposed.

It is paid members of council that attend other meetings on behalf of the town.

Administration suggests they only be used for professional development, such as conferences, conventions, seminars, training and workshops as approved by council.

Councillors would receive $80 to $160, depending on the meeting’s length.