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Limited annular solar eclipse sighting for Canadians

By Tara Clow Oct 10, 2023 | 1:28 PM

An annular solar eclipse is expected on Saturday, October 14th, but Canadians will not get the full effect.

Backyard Astronomer Gary Boyle says what’s also known as a ring of fire eclipse can be seen in the United States, “It’ll be an annular eclipse that will be seen through the United States from Oregon down through Texas. Annular eclipses are when the moon is farther away from Earth, so it doesn’t cover the entire sun as opposed to a total solar eclipse. As you move away from that path of totality, you’re going to see less and less of the sun actually being carried by the moon.”

In Atlantic Canada, it’s expected only 10 percent or less will be seen, and in Eastern Ontario, it’s around 20 percent.

Boyle adds that we see lunar and solar eclipses three or four times a year because as the moon orbits the Earth, it does so on a bit of an incline.

Weather also plays a factor in whether we can witness it or not. If it’s a cloudy night, you may miss your opportunity.

A reminder from Boyle not to look directly into the eclipse as it could damage your eyes.

He recommends finding a local organization holding a viewing party to ensure you have the right equipment to safely view an eclipse.

(Photo: Courtesy of the Backyard Astronomer)