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FSET going to a four-day work week

By Tim Davidson Oct 6, 2023 | 12:11 PM

A northwestern Ontario IT company is going to a four-day work week.

FSET is based in Kenora says it’s a six month pilot project for employees.

Natasha Stoyakovich is the marketing and communications manager for the company and says statistics show a four-day week pays off.

“A 36 percent increase in revenue over the previous year,” Stoyakovich points out.

“There is 42 percent decrease in employee resignations, 68 percent reported a reduction in employee burn-out, 54 percent reported an increase in workability, and 63 percent found it easier to attract talent.”

Dave Brown is the CEO of FSET and says they’ll be evaluating it over the next six month.

“This four-day work is another step in that process of a great place to work, and making changes, and listening to our staff and hearing what they have to say and constructive criticism.  Those stats are a no-brainer.”

Brown adds FSET has 21 employees from Manitoba to Halifax and they hope to add two more.

Under the program, employees will get 100 percent of their salary by working 80 percent of the time, but have 100 percent of the productivity.

Right now there are 41 companies across North America that have employed a four-day work week.

For more information you can check out this link