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(Photo: Moncton City Council-Rogers TV)

RCMP reporting increase in thefts from vehicles in Greater Moncton

By Tara Clow Oct 4, 2023 | 11:54 AM

RCMP are reporting an increase in thefts from vehicles.

Superintendent Benoit Jolette told Moncton City Council that historically this issue gets worse into the fall and closer to the holiday season, “We have a lot of people that come to the area for sporting events, tournaments, hockey tournaments, shows and shopping.”

It was a great opportunity to provide these reminders to the public, “Do not leave any valuables visible in your vehicle, make sure your doors are locked and do not leave your keys in your vehicle. If you stop in, even for five seconds to pick something up at a store, at a bank, or for a medium double double, turn your car off because that’s when people are looking to either steal the vehicle or steal the items inside,” Jolette says.

He also advises everyone to file a report if their car is stolen, broken into or if items are stolen, “If somebody has just rummaged through your vehicle, we need that information. Like I’ve said in the past, this is how we dictate where we are, and where we should send our resources efficiently during the shift.”