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Beware of grandparent scam in rural NS

By Kelli Rickard Oct 4, 2023 | 11:45 AM

The grandparent scam is showing up in rural Nova Scotia.

Police have received numerous complaints since last year of frauds where victims are contacted and instructed to provide money to help a loved one in an emergency.

According to RCMP, a senior couple in Pictou County reported Tuesday that they provided fraudsters $22,500 over 3 days in a similar circumstance.

The “courier” who picked up the victims’ cash at their residence was described as tall, of African descent and wore a medical mask and business casual clothes.

RCMP say among the ways people can protect themselves against these frauds are slow things down and review the situation with other relatives; never offer information to the caller; and if in doubt, stop communication with them. More here.

Sgt. Andrew Joyce urges everyone to speak to their parents and grandparents as well as neighbours about this scam.