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New Speaker of the House to be chosen next week

By Kevin Northup Sep 27, 2023 | 4:17 PM

The search is on for the next Speaker of the House of Commons.

The chosen candidate will be revealed after an election next Tuesday.

Anthony Rota resigned as speaker Tuesday after he unknowingly invited a former Nazi soldier to the House of Commons.

Current deputy speaker, Conservative Chris d’Entremont spoke to reporters about the unique circumstances.

“We’re in a very partisan time. We’ve had something that hasn’t happened more than once, where the speaker had to resign for a very specific, emotional reason,” said d’Entremont.

He says it will be difficult for anyone running to try and bring that pressure down.

“This is completely different than anything I would have expected to do. We’re going to see how the other parties will treat this, and what other names will be popping up.”

d’Entremont from West Nova in Nova Scotia was named deputy speaker in 2021.