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Courtesy: Thunder Bay Police Service

City man faces 16 charges in child porn investigation

By Adam Riley Sep 27, 2023 | 4:19 PM

A 32 year old city man faces even more charges in connection to a child exploitation investigation.

Detective Inspector Jeremy Pearson explains the case involves the accused creating fake social media profiles, which was used to contact minors online and sending explicit imagery, which he says has created even more victims.

“The persons in these images are in fact victims because their images were used, our belief is, without their knowledge or consent to create personas, if you will, online that then communicated with underage and vulnerable victims.”

The investigation began in July of 2022 into Kelvin Patrick John McPherson Pelletier and a search warrant was executed at a home in the city in October resulting in his arrest and the seizure of a number of electronic devices.

This led to the initial charges:

• Possession of Child Pornography
• Transmit Sexually Explicit Material to a Person Under 16 Years of Age
• Communicate with Anyone Under 18 Years of Age for the Purpose of Obtained Sexual Services
• Luring a Person Under 18 years of Age by Means of Telecommunication x 2

Further investigation led to additional charges being laid on September 7th of this year:

• Possession of Child Pornography
• Access any Child Pornography
• Distribute Child Pornography
• Distribute Sexually Explicit Material to a Person Under 16 Years of Age
• Distribute Sexually Explicit Material to a Person Under 18 Years of Age
• Luring a Person Under 18 Years of Age by Means of Telecommunication x 4
• Personating Peace Officer
• Criminal Harassment

Pelletier has been released from custody pending a court appearance at a later date.

Speaking to media Pearson noted while the internet is a large place, the investigation is focused locally.

“With that said we’re always open to the potential that there are other areas related to the investigation, that there are other tentacles if you will, and we remain in communication with our partners.”

Victims and those who may know the victims, both who may have been contacted by Pelletier and those whose images were used in the offences, are asked to come forward to police or other agencies.

The Thunder Bay Police Service stresses the images below are NOT of the accused but are those who’s images were taken and used to create the fake profiles.

Courtesy Thunder Bay Police Service