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Fraser continues to lobby for changes to WSIB

By Randy Thoms Sep 27, 2023 | 2:45 PM

Ontario’s Interim Liberal leader is taking another shot at getting a bill passed ensuring WSIB coverage for workers in residential care facilities and group homes.

It is the fifth time John has presented the issue to the legislature.

The last time, it reached second reading on a vote supported by all parties.

Fraser says all workers should be treated equally.

“So the bill ensures that workers doing the same work in similar residential care settings are treated fairly and have the protections of WSIB. Too many workers in retirement homes and group homes still don’t have the protections they deserve. And COVID-19 made that problem even more acute. The risks were greater,” says Fraser.

Fraser says many workers are not eligible for WSIB under the current rules.

He says now is a good time to change what he calls an injustice.

“Circumstances have changed with WSIB. We’re able to do this, and I hope that the government will support the women and men who are working in our retirement homes and group homes and other residential settings who are taking big risks and need us to have their backs, to have their families’ backs.”

Fraser says he has not talked to the new labour minister about the proposal but did discuss it several times with former minister Monte McNaughton who was respective.