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Remembrance Day Ceremonies at the Yarmouth Cenotaph.

Battalion of black soldiers to be honoured at Yarmouth Cenotaph

By Kevin Northup Sep 21, 2023 | 12:45 PM

A long overdue ceremony for a group of World War I soldiers.

The Number 2. Construction Battalion, made up of 15 black soldiers from Yarmouth County will get a plaque and monument unveiled at the Cenotaph on Main Street Friday.

Local organizer Chuck Smith’s grandfather was in the Battalion.

He says times were different back then.

“They were not allowed to fight in the trenches because of the racism they faced when they went to the recruiting offices. They never got the honour they deserved,” said Chuck Smith.

Smith says it gives him chills to know that finally, all these years later, they will be recognized.

“Thinking about how much he sacrificed and how much he probably wanted to fight. He was a really great community man, but he wasn’t given that opportunity.”

The ceremony gets underway at 11 a.m, he’s hoping for a large turnout.

Smith thanked Andre Boudreau, Todd Muise and the team that worked on the plaque and monument.