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NDP to introduce Greenbelt motion on Monday

By Randy Thoms Sep 18, 2023 | 9:23 PM

Expect the Greenbelt to dominate discussions when MPPs return to Queen’s Park next week.

NDP Leader Marit Stiles says she plans to table a motion that calls for lands removed from the Greenbelt for future development be reinstated as protected lands.

Reports from the Auditor-General and the Integrity Commissioner Official Opposition ruled the process to remove the land to be biased and favoured certain developers.

This led to Steve Clark’s Chief of Staff resigning and Clark stepping down as Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

Stiles says the issue is the talk of Ontario, even in communities far removed from the Greenbelt.

“I was in Sudbury. I was in New Liskeard. I was in Timmins. People are fed up. They’re all talking about it, and everybody wants to know when the government is going to get the message and return the land because they know that this is not about building the housing that people in this province need and that that land is extremely important,” says Stiles.

It is unlikely the NDP’s motion will reach a second reading given the PC’s large majority and Premier Doug Ford repeatedly saying he would not waver from his party’s housing strategy despite the scandal.

Stiles says they will still work to secure support from members of the governing party.

“I know that Doug Ford’s Conservative MPPs and his caucus are also hearing from their constituents who are really fed up with this government and their corruption and their collusion, particularly with the removal of the land from the Greenbelt. So, my hope is that if Mr. Ford won’t do it right away, then some of those members of his caucus will take this opportunity to put some pressure on him and stand up for the Ontarians that they represent,” says Stiles.

Stiles says she has had Conservative party members approach her to say they are embarrassed about their government’s behaviour.