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Bag tags won’t increase in 2024

By Tim Davidson Sep 18, 2023 | 2:03 PM

There won’t be any increase in the cost of bag tags in 2024.

City council debated the issue for a long time during their first budget meeting last week.

The proposal from administration was for a 25 cent increase next year and a 10 cent hike in 2025.

The idea is to bulk up the city Solid Waste Reserves, so there is enough money it in for finance a new landfill site.

But that won’t be needed for another 30 years.

The cost of a new landfill is estimated at $30 million, but there is only about $3.5 million in reserves right now.

Council has agreed to no increase for next year and a 10 cent increase in 2025.

The loss of revenue would be made up from other increases at the Solid Waste Department, such as commercial tipping fees.