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Soccer Association seeking support from the city

By Tim Davidson Sep 15, 2023 | 12:37 PM

The Lake of the Woods Soccer Association is looking for support from the city in terms of financial relief.

Wes Manulak is the president of the club and says in particular they are looking for the city to waive any tax penalties incurred during the pandemic.

“I think that there will some kind of resolution to this,” Manulak said following his deputation to city council this week.

“I think that the Soccer Association can be self-funding, but there are some conditions, such as the pandemic, and maybe some capital work.”

Manulak adds that any kind of support from the city would be helpful.

“Maybe some capital work and improvements where we do need support from the local government.  We have had the province and some local businesses, and people like the Kenora Hospitality Alliance and Community Foundation support us in a meaningful way.  So we’re just looking for a little boost from the city.”

Manulak says soccer association is willing to pay a $16,000 tax bill, but they do need some relief from the late payment penalties.

He told city council that the Soccer Association has paid their $7,000 tax bill for this year.