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Source: Canadian Hurricane Centre

Slow-Moving Hurricane Lee to Impact Maritimes with Wind and Rain

By Evan Taylor Sep 13, 2023 | 11:30 AM

As the weekend approaches, Hurricane Lee, a slow-moving and substantial storm, is poised to affect the Maritimes, although the exact path it will take remains uncertain.

While meteorologists are closely monitoring the situation, it is increasingly likely that Lee will bring a deluge of rain, gusty winds, pounding surf, and the potential for storm surges to our region. The latest data indicates that Lee is weakening gradually as it journeys northward, encountering higher wind shear and cooler ocean temperatures along the way.

According to the latest track provided by the National Hurricane Centre, Hurricane Lee is expected to reach the Maritimes on Saturday. Despite the weakening trend, it is projected to maintain Category 1 strength as it approaches our shores. Once it arrives, Lee is anticipated to transition into a post-tropical storm while meandering through the region over the weekend, all the while carrying tropical storm-force winds.

The transition to a post-tropical low means that the storm’s rain bands and strongest winds will extend farther from its center, posing a heightened risk of more widespread power outages. This concern is magnified by the fact that trees in our region remain fully covered in leaves, making them more susceptible to being toppled by strong winds.

CHC meteorologists predict that Hurricane Lee is likely to make landfall in the Maritimes on Saturday. However, as the storm’s trajectory becomes clearer and the meteorological models align more precisely over the next day or so, we will gain a better understanding of which areas within the Maritimes are likely to experience the heaviest rainfall and strongest winds.

Furthermore, experts will closely monitor the storm surge potential and its alignment with high tide, which could exacerbate the impact of this formidable weather system. Residents are advised to stay informed through official updates and prepare for potentially adverse weather conditions in the coming days.