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International students studying at regional campuses

By Randy Thoms Sep 13, 2023 | 10:35 PM

File photo courtesy Confederation College

Confederation College is welcoming a large number of international students to its campuses this year.

Many of the smaller regional campuses are also benefiting.

President Kathleen Lynch says it is a way of sustaining the campuses.

“It’s good to see now we’ve been able to attract a few more international students to the region because we know our demographics in the region in that college age group is down. I think it’s key to try to work with each community to attract some new students to the area that hopefully will stay and work in the area because that’s certainly what I heard when I did my regional consultation, is that people need workers.,” says Lynch.

A growing influx of President Kathleen Lynch notes certain ethnic communities are growing in northwestern Ontario, and that is helping the college attract students to the campuses outside of Thunder Bay.

“So, for instance, we know, in Kenora, there is a pretty strong Filipino community. So that makes it easier to attract those students there. We have a lot of people from India working throughout the region in smaller communities, so they’re very welcoming to the students from India. All that community support and people from their own country that are living in those small communities, the way they welcome the students is really important,” says Lynch.

Lynch says there have been some struggles with housing.

The college is reaching out to the communities for help.

President Kathleen Lynch says they have also come up with some creative solutions in some communities.

“I know in Fort Frances, we came up with a solution with the owner of a motel that’s been converted to a space for students. That’s been really helpful. So, just working with the community and getting the word out. The great thing about the smaller regional communities where our campuses are located, is people do really respond and try to support all the work that goes on at the college. So, we really appreciate all that support.”