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Council moves forward with new indoor turf location

By CJ Goater Sep 12, 2023 | 12:25 PM

Thunder Bay has taken a small step towards the goal of a new indoor multi-use turf facility in the city, however, they are shying away from a previously laid path.

Despite the advice from city administration, the council is moving forward with exploring the Soccer Northwest Ontario proposed site located next to the Community Auditorium.

The administration recommended that council reaffirm the exploration of Chapples Park as the proposed location for the new facility, but ultimately the decision came down to price, with council moving towards the SNO proposal.

SNO’s proposed site came in at a max of $52 million compared to Chapples max of $56 million. Parking was another point of contention but the existing parking around the Auditorium was ultimately deemed as a more ideal fit over Chapples.

A proposed financial plan is expected to be presented to council in November which will be followed by additional public consultation.