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Cancer Socieity calls on NS to raise vape purchasing age to 21

By Evan Taylor Sep 12, 2023 | 1:53 PM

Mike Mozart / CC

A senior official from the Canadian Cancer Society in Atlantic Canada has ignited a passionate call for action regarding the surging rates of youth vaping in Nova Scotia. Central to their concern is the apparent inaction of the provincial government, specifically in addressing the pivotal issue of raising the legal age for accessing vaping products to 21.

Recent data from Statistics Canada paints a worrisome picture, revealing that a significant one-third of high school students in Nova Scotia have embraced vaping, with an astonishing 55 percent having experimented with these products at least once.

Heather Mulligan, the manager of advocacy for the Canadian Cancer Society, voiced her deep concern, remarking, “These statistics represent some of the highest youth vaping rates in Atlantic Canada, and our government’s response to tackle this growing trend within our schools has been lacking.”

Mulligan emphasized the perils of nicotine-containing products for young people, highlighting the potential impact on brain development, lung health, and cardiovascular systems. What has raised alarm bells is the revelation that 28 percent of active student vapers admit to grappling with addiction, underscoring the urgency of the issue.

“In essence, addiction is the driving force behind this trend,” Mulligan declared.

The crux of the Canadian Cancer Society’s demand is the urgent need for the provincial government to pass legislation that would elevate the legal age for accessing vaping products from 19 to 21. This measure, Mulligan explained, holds the potential to curtail the widespread access that high school students currently have through social networks, such as friends and family. It would also create barriers for vape shops in selling products to young individuals.