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Town of Riverview seeks input into housing needs

By Tara Clow Sep 11, 2023 | 8:31 AM

Input into housing needs is needed for the Town of Riverview.

A Housing Needs and Affordable Housing Survey has been launched.

Economic Development Manager Shanel Akerley says they’re looking at the stages of housing for residents.

“We’re seeing an increased need for housing and different housing types at different affordability levels. We just want to have our residents comment on what their needs are both current and future, as well as what their thoughts are on affordable housing, and what their needs are. The intent of this survey is that it will eventually inform strategic action plans and strategies for developing more affordable housing, and more diversified types of housing,” Akerley says..

The survey covers a range of topics, including availability, cost, housing types, opportunities, and challenges you may have encountered regarding housing in Riverview.

“So the first questions are about what their housing conditions are currently, what type of house they live in, if they’re currently renting, own their homes, live with family members? Then we get into what their future housing needs are. So in the next one to five years, which type of housing do they anticipate living in? Are they actively looking for in place? Then we’re also asking what their priorities are when they’re looking for a home. Is it close proximity to work, school, family and friends or amenities? Is it barrier-free? What is it that they’re looking for when they’re they’re choosing their next home?” Akerley commented.

The deadline for your input is September 19.