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O & F agrees with Scott St. recommendation

By Randy Thoms Mar 10, 2023 | 4:32 PM

Scott St. Image: Randy Thoms

A request to gather more data on the traffic habits on Scott Street will head to Fort Frances town council.

The town’s Operations and Facilities committee supports the suggestion from the Traffic Advisory Committee.

Operation and Facilities Manager Travis Rob says using the portable speed signs will tell them a lot.

“We can do what’s called ‘self mode,’ with them where they will collect the data without projecting anything. It won’t tell you how fast you are going or flash the light. It’s just black, but it’s still collecting that data,” says Rob.

The suggestion is a response to the Downtown Business Improvement Association asking the town last year to consider lowering the speed limit.

It expressed concern with the number of reported near misses involving vehicles and pedestrians.

The BIA did not specify if the speed should be lower for all of Scott or just within the downtown core.

Rob says just the downtown area may be meaningless.

“From a traffic engineering standpoint, it makes the most sense to do the entirety of Scott Street so that drivers aren’t met with a really short duration change in speed because typically is ineffective.”

Councillor Steve Maki isn’t sure that a lower speed limit is warranted.

The former police officer says speed isn’t necessarily the issue.

“We got traffic lights every block. You got people in front. You are not going to get speeding unless there’s nobody on the block. I’m skeptical of the number in that regard. In regards to near misses, near injuries, it’s because people are jaywalking,” says Maki.

Maki says he knows of only one jaywalking charge that led to a fine of one dollar.

The issue is expected to be discussed during town council’s meeting on Monday.


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