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Blueline club seeks assurance from school board

By Randy Thoms Mar 10, 2023 | 2:56 PM

The Rainy River District School Board is being asked to see the value in the Blueline club.

The booster club for the Fort Frances Muskies boys hockey team is concerned that plans for a student foundation will phase it out.

Treasurer Jackie McCormick told school board trustees they want to be assured that is not the case.

“We are looking for some strong concrete language within the terms of reference for the new foundation that really lays it down that they will not be taking over,” says McCormick.

The board has formed an ad-hoc committee to explore the idea of a foundation being a separate fundraising arm, supporting such things as school nutrition programs, poverty relief, extracurricular activities and student bursaries and post-secondary

The group is still in its infancy.

The Board’s Superintendent of Business, Meghan Cox, says no decisions have been made but could consider a change in the terms of reference.

McCormick asks school board trustees to see value in booster clubs like the Blueline Club and the teams they support.

“So that in the future, if it ever comes up and you have any involvement or any pull in whether or not Muskie hockey or Muskie football stays or goes that you really see it is important to a lot of people.”

McCormick notes local support for high school hockey is something that isn’t seen anywhere the Muskies visit.



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