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Police Board Asking For An Increase To The Next Budget

By Katie Nicholls Jan 10, 2023 | 12:42 PM

Taking up a large amount on the City’s budget agenda is the Police Service and its Board.

Acadia News spoke to the Thunder Bay Police Services Board’s (TBPSB) secretary, John Hannam, about some of the increases that have been asked for including increasing what board members are compensated.

Currently, the Board is asking for a $300,000 increase to its budget, which if approved, would bring it to $648,000.

On advice from the Expert Panel, the Board is asking the city for $10k a year for each of the board’s five members. Other increases would go towards community engagement regarding surveys and open house sessions for the public.

Board members now are receiving $3,000/year for their time participating on the board. Hannam indicated that this amount hasn’t changed since at least 1998.

Other increases would also address growing legal fees as well as upping the Purchase Services allotment according to the Board’s secretary John Hanam.

The Board budget is $648,200, while the Services’ budget is $52.2M which includes a $3.5 million increase over 2022.


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