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NPI Explores Life in Northern Ontario

By Randy Thoms Jan 6, 2023 | 8:22 AM

The Northern Policy Institute has been exploring the reasons why people move away from northern Ontario.

It released a pair of studies last month.

Employment was identified as the main reason.

President Charles Cirtwell says finding a job in the region wasn’t an issue, but the lack of advancement in the north was cited as a factor by some who opted to leave.

“In Toronto, there might be a small ad firm that has six vice presidents, and you can expect one or two of those folks to move out every couple of years. That firm’s probably 50 percent smaller here in Northern Ontario, so those folks, statistically speaking, those opportunities are going to come up less,” says Cirtwell.

The NPI also looked at how newcomers to the region were feeling.

Most felt satisfied coming to the north but had concerns about the lack of public transportation.

“The ability to get around if you don’t own a car is a real problem identified in this survey. Lots of people were talking about the challenges of the bus systems, the weaknesses of them, unreliability, scheduling.”

Access to health care services was also cited as a concern.


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