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Survey Indicates Health Care Crisis Is Here

By Mike Ebbeling Dec 28, 2022 | 11:26 AM

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A new poll shows overwhelming majority of Ontarians believe health care is in crisis.

The survey conducted by Environics Research commissioned by the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) found that 79% of respondents feel that “health care is currently in a state of crisis,” and that 55% point to the Ford government as the most responsible for the current situation.

Labour President Patty Coates says the tripledmic of COVID, flu and RSV are peaking simultaneously, bringing the already struggling health care system past its breaking pointing, noting the government needs to take action now.

Local hospitals recently met and issued a joint statement stressing that their operations are strained due to increased demand for care and services.

What’s the answer?

The poll confirmed that six in 10 Ontarians, or 59% oppose greater involvement by private for-profit heath care providers.

Coates responded by stating the government must immediately increase funding to public hospitals and clinics so they can rebuild capacity.

The poll also shows that most Ontarians (77%) feel we are in the midst of crisis when it comes to cost-of-living and affordability, housing comes in at 70%, and long-term care 61%.

Coates says the OFL will be launching a new campaign in January to provide solutions to these problems.


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